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11 . November . 2002


The Objective of any Cathedral is nobility of expression – a nobility befitting response to the Divine Spirit. This means a structure which is first of all durable. No flimsy components or sham construction will do. Hence the great cathedrals of the world are, almost without exception, built of the most durable material known to man, stone.

But solid construction is not the only thing which the pilgrim sees when he enters the Cathedral [St. John the Divine]. He [she] also sees a work of art. This, ultimately, is what the building is. By line and design is expresses the spirit of worship – so much so that, hopefully, it moves those who enter it to do just that: worship. The text for a cathedral can only be, “Hallowed be thy name.”

All of this notwithstanding, it is still not enough to say that this cathedral tends to instill the spirit of worship. By the subtlety of its art it gives the visitor a very definite impression of the character of the one to be worshipped. Is he a harsh God? Is he aloof? One cannot step into the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine without realizing that the God in whose praise it has been erected is a God of love and joy and great power.

This is the primary function of any cathedral: to speak of him in whose service it was raised, and to speak of him day and night for thousands of days and thousands of nights.

~ from The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

Moving Ahead As Planned.

With little money left, I move forward as though I have the capital and resources behind me to achieve the plans I have made. I have made a schedule of order, that I might best be prepared for making the art of this Project. The painting time I have spent in studio has prepared my hand and aesthetic approach - now I need to get my head in reverence. TO do this, I am setting out to be introduced to my lineage, while studying the idea of sacred space. First stop is NYC and then to Washington DC.

Hello November.


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