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12 . December . 2002


Each cell was decorated with an image to aid religious meditation. These frescos, by the Dominican Fra Angelico and his workshop, marry extreme clarity with stylistic restraint. Christ appears in most, often in scenes of the Crucifixion. He appears like a vision, as if materialized from thin air. The paintings seem to hover like images projected on to a screen. Now that San Marco is an Era Angelico museum the visitor may walk at will from cell to cell. But this denatures the works of the painter, making them into a sequence — an exhibition of Angelicos — which is not how they were intended to be seen. They were pictures to be locked away with, one to one, for hours on end. They have the character of hallucinations. That is, possibly, what they were intended to stimulate. Long, hungry contemplation of the image might bring it to life.

~ from BBC, Andrew Graham-Dixon RENAISSANCE

Beauty Is To Endure...

... in our minds and our hearts. It inspires love and generates great acts of kindness in our intention. When we are present with Beauty, we have hope - we are transformed. We are kind.

Beauty carries with it a noble responsibility of compassion. Beauty is for everyone to know - it is God's gift for us all - by which to come into kindness. To remind us, if of nothing else, then specifically of the beauty which is God.

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