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O7 . July . 2002


" 'ONLY MYSTERY enables us to live," Lorca wrote at the bottom of one of his drawings he did in Buenos Aires: 'only mystery.' "

~ Edward Hirsch quoting the poet, Lorca, from his book, "the demon and the angel" SEARCHING FOR THE SOURCE OF ARTISTIC INSPIRATION

Visual Mystery

Construction notes:

Shape Dance
Texture Build-up
Color Blocks
Tonal Contrasts
Compositional Placement
Skeletal Structure
Gestural Vocal Localizations

Deconstruction notes:

Immediacy – Erasure of Obvious
DeWalt Orbital Sander
DeWalt Belt Sander
DeWalt Finishing Sander
Bosch Variable Circular Sander
Varying Grits of Sand Paper
Paint Stripper
Scraping Knives

Reconstruction Notes:

Poetic Line
Color Subtleties
Concerns of Rhythm
Unification to Underlying Motion


The Haiku of a Cloud

I have entered relationship with my work - who is working who?


July continued - Pressure Cooking ... >>7.2