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O8 . August . 2002


FOR IN THIS WAY, the God would seem to indicate to us and not allow us to doubt that these beautiful poems are not human, or the work of man, but divine and the work of God; and that the poets are only the interpreters of the Gods by whom they are severally possessed. Was not this the lesson which the God intended to teach when by the mouth of the worst of poets he sang the best of songs? Am I not right, Ion?

~ Socrates to Ion in Plato's " Ion" (380 BC),
Translated by Benjamin Jowett

From Where Does Creativity Come?

From where comes the prophecy of the Old Testament Prophet - From what root the poetry of Isaiah and the Psalmist branch?

Plato questions art and inspiration in his Socratic Dialog, Ion. Art Platonically described as skilled and applied - one learns, and raises an art to a fine level - a level of excellence in skill gained from learning, practice, and experience - inspiration as a possession from an outside source - the greatest of which, the Divine.

Socrates questions Ion's credibility as an artist, for his lack of knowledge to the arts expressed almost universally by all great poets, yet is depth of oratory for the Homer recitals (that Ion is famous and lauded for) and anything Homeric, would suggest that Ion is merely a vessel inspired by the spirit of Homer and not an artist of skill toward all that is poetic.

His argument is extended to all the arts, and if one is inspired (or possessed from an external source), than one can't possibly be an artist of claim to that inspiration. It is an interesting idea.

I would say most often in my case my work is uninspired. That is, I rely on the skills I have gained through study, practice, experience, and curiosity of my own limits as an artist. Often ideas are worked out through process, symbiotic experimentation, and intuition - even, very likely, if there is such a thing - a 'mild' duende. However - there are those times, I have been 'inspirited' or inspired - breathed in - where ideas I received rather than sequentially developed. The Freedom ART Project has been one of those INSPIRED moments - that were sublime and unquestionable direction.

The distinction for me has been in vision have I been inspired - at times in action, a duende has taken my hand briefly - most of the time, I do what I love and have been trained, and blessed to do.

As for the Bible - yes, the Bible: sixty-six books penned by 40 authors over 2000 years and 3 languages ... divinely inspired? (see the side bar links)


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