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The dawning of this day, was more than the dawning of a day.

many awoke to die
die to life, die
to innocence, die
to invincibility, die
to remoteness, die
to triviality and indulgence, die

many hearts became heavy, many
hearts bled tears, many
hearts found compassion, many
hearts found courage, many
hearts made sacrifice, many
hearts did not understand

many counted their children, many
counted their friends, many
found out
what it is to be
hated, to be
wounded, to be

many found that life is not neat or
tidy, or
packaged, or
sanitized, or
easily consumed, or
a scandalous gossip
propping wasted vanity

I walk a fine line strung
over a chasm
a sudden wind can
cut sharp the thread
on which my sheer
ideas are delicately
posed and even as
inventory stacked
can fall
my paradigm shift
even a thorn so easily
can put a run
in my façade
my soul weeps
for the darkness is
there, and it is

some people will die
for a cause, some die
to see a movie

many awoke to die, many
will die to awake, many
will be faced with God
one way or another
prayer becomes popular again
and urgent against the gavel
of our trials


An epoch in history has dawned...




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