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Quick Recap - 3 months for the FAPO

The month of September was the month of constructing the Blessing Card Store - an ISP and shopping cart software was chosen - delays and frustrations in coding led to a search for alternative coders. Many well intended efforts were given and appreciated, yet time was of the essence due to cash outlay for the cards versus lack of cash income for lack of a sales vehicle. If I did not get active and online soon, I would miss Christmas.

October saw further frustration in getting the Blessing Card Online Store complete. However, by the finding of Alkatek, and Mr. Alain Adunagow, who completed the task for me in a few days, I finally had some peace.

November saw the launching of the Blessing Cards and the online Store - both in working order. The beginning of discussions for PR had started but eventually had to be left unattended, again due to lack of funding

Creating Enthusiasm For Writing
It seemed to me that people, Christians primarily, would be interested in having some beautiful and original cards on which to send blessings to one another. Anyone who has seen the cards have liked them and many have asked to buy them. That is not the problem - the problem has been introducing the cards to the Christian body. Despite giving cards away and sending packs of cards to Pastors and Priests, emailing churches all across Southern California, I have not gained the helping hand of any Pastor (but my own at my little church) to encourage letter writing and suggesting the Blessing Cards as a vehicle. Where would the New Testament be with out the letters of the Apostles? What would anyone have to place on their desk to remind them that they are prayed for and loved, if there weren't beautiful cards to display, with the writings and prayers of thoughtful and compassionate people? This is a good idea for a world aching for human contact - tangible reminders and keepsakes - invitations to face communion. I still believe it is possible. When was the last time you received a card from someone with artwork that meant something to you? Christmas is an exception. I am going to put a web page on line with suggestions for how to use the cards - in case anyone has forgotten how meaningful such gestures can be. That their are blessings in the giving as well as in the receiving.

Church Apathy
I just completed a second mailing to all the churches of Calvary Chapel throughout Southern California; to Saddleback Church, Mariners, Crystal Cathedral, and various smaller Protestant based churches. Understanding they are busy with greater concerns and so many solicitations from so many in need of support - yet only three responses have returned by e-mail. Basically - one stated they had forwarded the e-mail to the proper church official (from whom I received no reply despite my follow thorough), and to, "your project is impressive, we will pray for you and for God's provision".

I have also sent out several special mailings as an attempt to partner together in community with various churches to foster a program that benefits them, as well as helps to support the FAP through Blessing Card sales - I received form letter rejection prayers - sweet brush offs. It is frustrating. The ministers are so insulated and difficult to reach.

What I offer becomes the benefit of the church. It is all win win. There was one misunderstanding of the FAP and the Blessing Cards as a commercial endeavor to which one prominent church declined to support such efforts - they not see the ministry in this work.

It is maddening - I am disappointed. I know it is not easy. In my small role, even I am overwhelmed.

On the other side of things...
In World terms, I must have terrible sales skills, this is obvious. Perhaps my communication skills suffer, too. I lack etiquette? Unless perhaps God is shutting this down by closing the ears to those I approach. I will search for a business partner to take over the card / merchandising business. So those of you reading this - please pray that I find an integral and ethical partner with the vision and ability to grow a healthy and prosperous business- one that will bring God's glory to all in the process.

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