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I was led to an attorney, a former IRS man who audited tax exempt corporations and now helps incorporate companies as non profit organizations. He told me that the Freedom ART Project qualifies for non profit status, however, only if the art was complete and being made available to the community for viewing. In all his career he never heard of anyone receiving a 501c3 tax exempt status for a future community value (in my case, 25 years in the future). After asking several questions as to what I could do to qualify, I settled on developing a separate educational resource for offering art education to artists and to churches. That organization is planned as the Foundation for the Biblical Arts.

Foundation for the Biblical Arts
The Foundation for the Biblical Arts is being formed to offer a service that is desperately needed in my opinion. The goal of the organization is to raise the consciousness and acceptance of a more intelligent contemporary visual art in the Church, through education and inspiration, and to bring the visual arts back to the church as a means of worship and praise.

Here is the proposed curriculum as it is being pieced together for Non Profit consideration. CLICK HERE to download the Acrobat PDF file.





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