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New Books
What appears to be a Library stocking, study preparation for the Foundation for the Biblical Arts, and for the Freedom ART Project's continuing art dialog - has left books strewn across my study floor for lack of bookshelves. Mini towers of history and academics sprout randomly across an oak expanse. The books sing rapturously of the understanding to come - and I count miserly the thoughts before me with glee. Learning is life. Give me the life found in the arts, and the spiritual. Humanities, baby! Jokingly a friend of mine and I coined a T-shirt slogan to sum me up: "LeFever, I'm all about Dialog." Well - that just may be true. If we are going to talk, let's go deep.

The latest crop of new books is listed here >>


Bookshelves And Restoration
ORDER there has to be order - the studio has gotten too loud to think! I spent the last week in therapy: some Pine planks, oak stain, a saw, my DeWalt 18 volt cordless, and gloss varnish = new bookshelves! This is the first selfish and practical creative outlet I've had in nearly a year. This was a delicious indulgence putting me in touch with early bohemian roots.

The Studio has been returned from being a constructions site to a place of study and presentation. This has been a grand vacation for me to not mess with business this whole week.

I was reflecting on the first mention of God's Spirit being given to any body. It's in Exodus, when God gives His Spirit to the artists and artisans to craft and decorate the Holy Tabernacle. Looks like God values artists. And, He did choose an interesting trade as a carpenter...






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