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Phase 2 of the Freedom ART Project Online Begins Now

A new section dealing with Godly Callings, is being added to the FAPO, to replace the section called DEVOTIONS. The new section is called THE LIVING SPIRIT. Within that section will be a sub section called WALKS OF FAITH. It is here I want to feature stories about people whom have a calling and are walking in there call.

Wednesday, I am meeting with Dave Day to get his story about his calling: helping the ministers of Mexico - ministers who grow coffee beans to supplement their ministries. He has a program called "Growers First". It is an exciting ministry Dave has and a great story of Faith.

If you know of people in your church who are following a calling from God to serve him in a unique way congruent to the gifts He endowed them with ... let me know and I will interview them for the new section of the Freedom ART Project Online: WALKS OF FAITH.

Another addition to the LIVING SPIRIT section will be E-BLESSEINGS.
The idea being for people to send blessings to friends and loved ones using imagery from the Project and from other devotional artists via e-mail.

With the E-BLESSINGS section, I am really trying to help foster the caring of us all to one another - by sending prayers, blessings, little things that mean so much to people. I would hope for dialog among people. The idea with the E-BLESSINGS section of the site is to allow people to send Freedom ART Project images to others along with a prayer or a blessing, as a way to bless us all. To bless the givers in the sending - and it costs them nothing - - To bless the receivers in the getting --- To bless the Freedom Art Project by spreading the word that it exists and inviting people to find out more about it. To hopefully build a community of people whom hold God as the desire of their hearts. Call me idealistic - I would hope for a community that freely desires to spread God's Love with a simple hello and a blessing. No evangelizing - just blessings and greetings. It doesn't hurt to offer some beautiful and joyful art. My intent over time is to invite other artists to participate. Artists whose art I think will work well for blessings, and artists who might be a bit more radical (eventually there will be categories to delineate).

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