R.O.C.fest 2002
Freedom ART Project

It was the largest gathering of Catholic youth in the 25 year history of the Diocese of Orange - 5,200 young people from parishes and schools throughout Orange County, California assembled at UCI's Bren Center for R.O.C.Fest 2002. They came together under the banner of "Relying On Christ."

The teens sang, danced, prayed, and shared a luminous faith with each other with an enthusiasm that gives great hope and consolation to the rest of the Church that the Gospel is alive in today's youth.

Amidst it all was the "Environmental Cross". At center stage of the event, was a 21 by 16 foot banner made from the Freedom ART Project Blessing Cards color study artwork for Psalms. View a movie from R.O.C.fest. Click on the link below.



Brad Davis
Jeff LeFever

Jeff LeFever
Gary Clairmont

Video Editing
Jeff LeFever
Jack Fearing Jr.

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R.O.C.Fest Thanks:
Colleen Pena
Suzy Punnell
Nancy Hormuth
Bishop Brown
Bishop Soto
Msgr. Urell
Art and Gaye Birtcher

To all the teens
who attended in
the Spirit:

The Raising of the Banner